july 27

all right, let me review this show i played. it was kind of fun except for my mucho grande amp trouble. I had to play my last song with no amp or mic so i just ushered people to come close and listen to me. about 5 people actually did. whatever, i was first so i was just happy that some people were there. my set went as follow:
This ain't the age of aquarius and i'm not growing waterwings
Writer's Block, pt. 1
California Connection
From Your Mouth (My god lives underwater cover. It went quite well, besides the great amount of amp trouble that started right in the middle of the song. but it really turned out damn well)
Reflections of my life as a cheesehead
Some of the people from the prizefight said they really liked my stuff. i also heard some good stuff from the crowd too. It was a good show. hopefully i can get my amp trouble worked out for the july 4th show.