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adammorgan's Journal

The New Decay
28 September 1984
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lord knows i've been trying........
andy warhol, around the horn, atom and his package, baseball, beastie boys, bebop, being a connoisseur, being snooty, beulah, big boi, bob dylan, boston red sox, cake, catcher in the rye, ccsu, central connecticut state university, charles mingus, charlie parker, christianity, connecticut, curtis counce, dane cook, danishes, daria, degrassi, destroyer, dry sarcasm, early herbie hancock, electric six, espn, fantasy baseball, fantasy football, folly, football, foriegn films, french, french cuisine, ghost hunters, ghostface, gilmore girls, girl talk, grey's anatomy, guitar, hangar chicken, harvey birdman, hating blockbuster, hating walmart, hey mercedes, hip hop, i heart huckabees, italian food, j.d. salinger, jack kerouac, jimmy stewart, jon stewart, kanye west, lewis black, mad milliner, making awesome mix cds, march madness, marketing, mateoti, mexican food, miami dolphins, minus the bear, mispelling quentin tarantino, mixtapes, monkapotomus, myth busters, netflix, office space, ok go, ol dirty bastard, on the road, orlando magic, outkast, owen wilson, pepperoni and pineapple pizza, phantom planet, piebald, pizza, poland, poofy hair, pti, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, r.e.m., reading magazines, reservoir dogs, rushmore, scrabble, september 28, sirius, sleeping, steinbeck, straight edge, sxe, taco bell, talib kweli, the avalanches, the bloodhound gang, the comic tom hanks, the daily show, the game, the go! team, the life aquatic, the lifesavas, the royal tenenbaums, the thermals, the velvet underground, thelonious monk, toyota echo, uconn huskies, ugly betty, vince vaughn, wedding crashers, weezer, wes anderson, wfcs, will ferrel, zines, zoolander